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              Pivot Energy



              A national leader in comprehensive commercial and community solar services.

              Pivot Rises to Number 1 in CO Community Solar

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              Who We Are

              Pivot Energy is a triple bottom line company accelerating the rapid transition of cleaner and more decentralized power generation by developing, financing, building, and managing community solar and commercial solar projects around the country. We serve the full commercial solar ecosystem, including retail customers, project developers, system operators, utilities, and financiers through our distributed energy platform that includes a range of services and software.

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              What We Do

              Commercial Solar

              Pivot Energy offers turnkey services, including project financing that can eliminate the upfront cost for solar, so you can start saving right away.

              Community Solar

              Our team is one of the most experienced in the industry, providing the full stack of community solar services. All of our services are performed in-house.

              Utility Services

              Pivot works with cooperative, municipal, and investor owned utilities to provide solar and storage PPAs, as well as development and community solar services.

              Energy Storage

              Storage solutions now offer an affordable means to both offset peak demand charges and supplement usage. Pivot is at the forefront of the Energy Storage market, with deep experience and comprehensive solutions, serving the complex solar + storage needs.




              Pivot Energy is a national leader in the development of onsite solar projects and small utility solar projects, including community solar.


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