Advocacy Programs

              Advocacy programs built by Duel motivate customers to grow the brands they love through word-of-mouth

              Powerful Tasks

              Customers complete tasks, make purchases & advocate for your brand in hundreds of ways

              Effective Incentives

              Perks, gamification, and behavioural psychology motivate customers to complete tasks, make purchases & progress through tiers

              Trackable Growth

              Your programs advocates help you build better products, spread your message wide and grow the brand exponentially

              Customer Experience

              Combine content creation, referrals, community, surveys, loyalty, rewards & ambassador actions under one connected program

              Our Technology

              Duel is the most powerful platform for running Advocacy Programs

              100+ Unique Challenges
              Simple CRM & eCommerce Integration
              Detailed Tracking & Analytics
              Enterprise-Grade Customisations
              Automated Communications

              Brand Partners


              Why Advocacy?


              Increase Sales

              Drive organic word-of-mouth and increase trackable direct sales through referrals and ambassadors

              Amplify Brand

              Increase exposure and brand virality with an army of advocates creating content and posting to social

              Acquire Content

              Source images, reviews and product feedback directly from your customers

              Unlock Scale

              Collaborate with tens of thousands of advocates in multiple countries across different languages and social media channels

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